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Current Stable version: 1.0.6

[1.0.6] July 1, 2024 – Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic import pages and code splitting based on page to minimize js file size.
  • Direct users to the onboarding page even when users try to click other pages multiple times.
  • Add ‘Not Tracked’ text in the inventory column in case of Not tracking quantity or Continuing selling.

[1.0.0] June 18, 2024 – Design & Added Feature

  • Redesigned all pages to align with Shopify Polaris design principles
  • Refined the profile upload feature process
  • Moved product sync process to occur during onboarding
  • Shifted focus to product-wise profiles rather than category-wise
  • Implemented a new approach for handling advanced commands

Previous Stable version: 9.7.1

[9.7] 2024-03-21 Bug Fixes
– Weight & dimension error while uploading the Shopify products to Etsy
– Sendy subscribe/unsubscribe email list

[9.6] 2024-03-01 Bug Fixes
– Fix Image resyncing to Etsy issue when sync is off
– Increase the free plan upload limit to 15.

[9.5] 2024-02-26 Bug Fixes
– (HOTFIX)Products are duplicated when changing the Etsy store and re-uploading existing feeds

[9.4] 2024-02-09 Bug Fixes
– Re-stocking the Product did not make the product active on Etsy again
– Handle Property ID and Scale ID when Present in Listing
– Uploaded products getting duplicated on Etsy listings
– Etsy connection log to separate address API and shop details failure

All notable changes related to the Etsy Integration by DPL will be documented in this changelog.

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