The eBay marketplace is thriving right now. It connects buyers to sellers, so if you have a particular interest, whether a rare comic book or some vintage sneakers, there is no doubt that someone on eBay has what you are looking for. If you have never signed up with eBay, you should know there are many advantages to doing so. With a global reach and listings in over 25 languages, eBay quickly has one of the most extensive networks. Because sellers compete against each other and no single seller has the right to exclusivity, prices tend to be at the market equilibrium. Buyers get great deals, and sellers get fair payment.

You may be concerned about listing fees and How much does eBay charge to sell?, if you want to start selling on eBay. This is understandable, especially if you are new to the platform. That’s why we are here to break everything down so you can feel confident when creating your listings. Take a look below to find out more.

Selling Fees: How Much Does eBay Charge to Sell?

When you sign up with eBay, you will notice various fee types.

Insertion Fees: $0.35 per Listing

As an eBay seller, the first fee you must deal with is an insertion fee. This is one of the basic fees you must pay when selling products on eBay. There is no way around this either. When you pay this fee, you should note that it is not refundable. Even if you do not sell your product, you must pay for it.

The amount you spend here will depend on whether or not you have a store subscription. It will also depend on the type of categories within which you are listing your product. The fee applies to fixed-price listings and auction-style listings. It’s so important that you factor this into account when becoming an eBay seller.

The good news is…

eBay offers sellers a bunch of free listings. This is called a zero insertion fee. Every month, your numbers will renew. This way, if you are a seller and you don’t have a store, you will get 250 zero-fee listings a month.

If you want to move beyond this, each successive item would be charged $0.35 each. If you subscribe to an eBay store, you will have different costs.

If you enroll with the Starter Plan, you will have 250 zero-insertion fees, and each will only be $0.30. The higher tier you pay for, the more free listings you get.

Insertion fees also depend on how many categories you want to list your products. You will pay a standard fee if you insert your listing into a second category, even if you use a zero-insertion fee to utilize the first category.

eBay Final Value Fees: 15% of the Product Sale

This is between 12.9% and 15% on average. The final value fee is what you will be charged when you convert a sale. You can work this out by taking a percentage of the total sale before adding $0.30 for the payment. Usually, eBay will define the total amount as including:

  • Handling Charges
  • Sales Tax
  • Cost of Shipping
  • Miscellaneous Fees
  • Item Price

Remember that the fee is charged regardless of whether or not you have received payment for the goods. However, eBay protects sellers from various issues by allowing them to cancel the sale if a buyer does not pay.

Optional Listing Upgrades

You can easily upgrade your listing by adding extra images or different categories. This can help you get more sales, which is great.

Promoted Listing Fees

You can also pay to promote your listing. When you do this, you can feel confident knowing that you will be shown ahead of the other listings on eBay. You should take note that this is only sometimes worth the investment. After all, if your images aren’t as good as the other listings or if your descriptions aren’t as comprehensive, you will not make sales. Even if you are at the top, buyers will always go for the most trusted listing they see, so make sure that you keep this in mind.

eBay Fee Calculator

If you are having trouble calculating how much does eBay charge to Sell and how many fees you must pay, eBay has a tool you can use. This will help you understand how much you will pay should you sell your item. You can do this before you submit your listing. You can find the eBay fee calculator here. For a quick reference, you can also find a basic price breakdown of eBay fees below.

Fixed Price Listings

Auction Listings

Tips for Minimizing eBay Fees

To maximize your selling potential, you need to minimize your eBay fees. After all, every fee will eat into your profit, which is the last thing you need.

One way to optimize your listings is to use attractive titles and high-quality photos. Detailed descriptions can also help you increase your selling potential.
Sometimes, you can qualify for reduced fees by doing this, too. Ultimately, the better-crafted your listings are, the more likely people are to buy from you, so this is an essential concept to understand.

Another thing you can do is offer free shipping. The great thing about free shipping is that it helps to attract buyers while offsetting potential cost disadvantages.

Remember, you will pay a fee based on the overall selling price of your product. If you offer free shipping, you will pay less overall. You will also be able to make more sales, as most successful sellers on eBay offer free shipping to their users.

How Much Does eBay Charge to Sell

Next, negotiate your shipping options. Look into cost-effective solutions and consider offering combined postage. This will maximize your selling potential by allowing your buyer to save while you cut down on fees yourself.

Lastly, promotions. eBay offers a range of promotional tools and discounts. You can use them to reduce listing fees while increasing product visibility. Promoting your product is not worth promoting if you are not trying to craft the perfect listing.

Pushing the wrong listing won’t get you anywhere, as people won’t be interested in clicking. Your money will go down the drain, so be mindful of using this feature and consider what your competition is doing better than you. If you can do this, you’re bound to be successful on eBay.

Super Seller Spotlight: Jon-Luc Greenwood

Jon-Luc Greenwood, a super seller on eBay, is a prime example of using eBay’s tools to minimize fees while boosting profit margins. He recommends taking full advantage of the Global Shipping Programme (GSP), which he has turned on for every listing. He also uses promoted listings to boost certain items, enabling the Buy It Now feature. He also sends buyers offers through to their inboxes to spark interest.

He schedules listings to get 50 or so going at the start of the week while spreading them out over the following days. This method allows him to manage his fees better while staying ahead of product trends.


So, when it comes to selling on eBay, you need to adopt a solid pricing strategy to mitigate fees. Using tools and optimizing your listings will also help you sell more efficiently.

As a final take, you must also ensure that you are focused on building a successful business rather than trying to make as much money as possible. This will help you adopt a much more sustainable business venture. Looking at other listings will also help you get a good idea of what you could do to improve your listings while also seeing which are hot in current promotions.

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