Etsy is a globally recognized platform. It’s highly trusted, and according to the latest statistics, there are over 94 million growing, active customers. It’s a hugely popular marketplace with a 10.1% year-on-year growth. If you want to be successful on Etsy, you’ll want to ensure you are utilizing Etsy’s top selling items. These have a great significance when it comes to driving sales, not to mention that if you have a hugely popular product, you’re more likely to be promoted by the Etsy algorithm.

When it comes to Etsy, one vital thing to take note of is that some categories consistently rank. You’re more likely to be profitable if you can sell products within this category. Take a look below to see some of the top Etsy product categories.

The Etsy’s Top Selling Items and Categories

Here are some of Etsy’s top selling items for those new to Etsy.

Etsy's top selling items


Right now, there are over 8 million listings for beads. With over 14,000 average searches and millions of products, it’s an outstanding category to explore if you’re a new seller. Most listings on Etsy sell bulk beads, with popular keywords including:

  • Beads for Jewelry
  • Bracelet beads
  • Gold beads
  • Gemstone beads
  • Necklace beads


Pins is another popular category. It’s a great starting point, with over 24,000 average searches and over 2 million listings. A lot of Etsy sellers create their own custom designs. Many of the pins on Etsy are vintage, so if you have a stockpile of them, you can make a lot of money here. Some of the top keywords include

  • Hat pins
  • Cute pins
  • Vintage lapel pins
  • Brooch pins
  • Patches and pins


There are over 3 million listings for the sticker category, with 109,000 searches on average. This category is ideal for handmade items. Like pins, they are a fantastic source of revenue for sellers on Etsy.  Sticker listings that feature customers’ requests are the most popular. The top keywords for this category tend to revolve around:

  • Decal sticker
  • Vinyl sticker
  • Cute stickers
  • Laptop stickers
  • Planner stickers


There are over 2 million book listings on Etsy. With 13,000 average searches, it’s a great market. Books also have a high click-through rate, but not all are meant to be bought and read. Some are intended as decor to make your bookshelf look more populated. Others give bookworms the chance to color-coordinate their bookshelves. Some of the popular keywords include:

  • Decorative books
  • Books by color
  • Book decor
  • Book
  • Book bundles

Ultimately, if you want to be successful on Etsy, you need to identify Etsy’s top selling categories on the site. This will allow you to focus your efforts while maximizing the probability of success. When selling on Etsy, you need to make sure you aren’t choosing a too competitive niche because if you do, it’ll be impossible for you to stand out.

Key Factors that Contribute to Top-Selling Status

top etsy shops

If you want your products to sell, you can do a few things. Becoming an Etsy Star Seller will help a lot here. To become a Star Seller, you need to try to respond to messages within 24 hours. You also need to provide shoppers with a great experience every time. Your rating should be 4.8 stars or higher, and your store should have great reviews.

Dispatching your products with tracking and within the processing time helps, too. Finally, you’ll need to make five sales worth 300 USD or more. This has to be done within the three-month review period.

If you can try to become an Etsy Star Seller, this will help you boost the success of your items. You will provide good service by replying quickly, and you will also be selling products that people want to buy.

Of course, there are other factors that will influence your top-selling status, too. This includes having competitive pricing and a compelling product description. Captivating visuals and effective marketing strategies will also help you out here.

Customer reviews are everything on Etsy, and if you have a lot of good ones, this doesn’t just show that you are a top seller. It shapes the perception of your products. It can also influence purchasing decisions. You must remember that when you sell on Etsy, people don’t have the luxury of being able to touch, smell, or see your item, so you need to be as descriptive. You need to appeal to every sense and take high-quality photographs so people know what to expect when their product arrives in the post.

Discovering Etsy’s Top Selling Items through Etsy’s Tools

Etsy has a range of tools built into the platform. This can give you a lot of insight into Etsy’s top selling items, so as a seller, you can identify trending products while adapting your sales strategy.

If you want to access your sales data, you must go to the Shop Manager by clicking on Stats. Here, you can look at your sales performance over the last 30 days. The longer the time frame you look at, the more clues you can get about how your customers are finding you and also how they are engaging with you.

If your shop has been open for a year or more, you can compare stats across different years. This will give you a strong indication of whether your products are seasonal. Use this to your advantage when planning.

You can also use the top-selling category to see if people have particular preferences, for example, color, style, or material. Etsy Insights, however, is ultimately the best way to identify your top-selling items so you can compare everything you need.

Strategies for Optimizing Your Products for Top-Selling Success

If you want to maximize your chances of having Etsy’s top selling success, you need to ensure that you increase your visibility and appeal. Ensure that your photos are top-quality and that your listings are accurate and discoverable. Using relevant tags will help a lot here.

You must also use social media marketing and influencer partnerships to reach a wider audience while driving traffic to your Etsy store.


For listings that are getting minimal views, it’s wise for you to tweak the SEO elements. Optimize your titles, descriptions, and more to stay relevant for search queries. This will help you improve visibility and attract more potential buyers to your items.

Focus on Video

If you can, film yourself creating your product. The great thing about doing this is that it adds a personal edge, not to mention that it also showcases the general craftsmanship behind your items. One video can be used across many listings, not to mention that it also offers your customers the chance to get a unique insight into your general sales process.

Stay Ahead of Trends

Plan as many listings as you can ahead of time. This is especially the case for holidays and special occasions. Trends change fast at the end of the day, so ensuring your items are available long before the general holiday season starts is helpful. If you know you are offering Halloween items, then it’s good to advertise them in October. You need to advertise them in July instead to give them enough time to gain traction before the spooky season starts.

If you follow these guidelines, you can stand out from the crowd and make your store achieve its full potential. Just remember that even though your products are selling themselves, you still need to get them in front of the right people, so make sure that you keep that in mind, as it could cause a significant difference to your profit margin.


So, it’s crucial that you understand and identify some of the top-selling items on Etsy to enhance your shop performance and increase your sales. You also need to research, refine, and adapt your offerings to stay ahead while maintaining a competitive edge.

Of course, selling on Etsy might seem easy, but with the amount of competition, you will run into slow periods. Using your creativity and dedication, you should get your products into the top-selling category while maximizing your success on the site. If you want some more tips, study other people’s listings, too, as this will allow you to find out what they’re doing and what makes them successful. Although you shouldn’t copy, you can emulate what’s making their store popular with customers.

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