If you are setting up a shop on Etsy, you need to ensure you understand how visits vs views duffers from each other. With the Etsy site getting over 450 million visits in 2023, it’s safe to say that the platform is thriving. With that in mind, if your shop is lacking or if you don’t feel as though you are quite getting the traffic it could be, then it may be that you are not interpreting the data correctly.

Views sum up every single click on your shop listings. Visits reflect how many of those were by the same person. If a shopper looks at the same listing twice in a session, you will have two views and one visit.

  • Visits- The number of visitors your shop has.
  • Orders- The orders you have received from visitors
  • Conversion rate- the percentage of visitors that end up ordering from you
  • Revenue- the total value of the orders you have received

Understanding the difference between visits and views is imperative when running an Etsy store. It will also help you to analyze how well your store is performing while indicating the changes you may need to make.

Views: The Window Shoppers of Etsy

So, as mentioned above, views are the number of times someone has seen your listing. This does include repeat views. When running your Etsy store, you may want to give little thought to your views. After all, they don’t indicate how many sales you’re making or tell whether people engage with your listings. With that in mind, they are a useful metric, and you should be using them to assess the performance of each listing.

One thing to note is that views can help you assess the general effectiveness of your product listing. It can also allow you to identify which items are top-performing. If you walk down the street and see something that catches your eye in a shop window, your interest is sparked. You’re drawn in, and even though the shop did not make a sale from you, they did make an impression. Views work in the same way, and as you can see, they’re super important to the success of your store.

views and visits on etsy

Why are your Views Going Down?

Visits represent the number of people who have looked at your listings during the day. This information will be refreshed every couple of hours. Look in the top corner of your statistics page to see when your data was refreshed last. A lot of people wonder why their data refreshes all the time, and the main reason is because of bots. A bot is a software program that can be taught to imitate user behavior. They click random listings, and they can give you false impressions. You may notice that your numbers decrease at the end of each day. Etsy is filtering out any bot activity that could have swarmed your shop. Generally, don’t be frustrated if your visits go down throughout the day. It’s not a big deal; it’s just Etsy’s way of ensuring you’re not getting false data.

Visits are an important metric for tracking and are also the best way to gauge what steps you need to take to make your store more successful.

Visits: Turning Browsers into Buyers

If visits reflect the total number of people who have looked at your store, then views are the number of times someone has viewed your listing. Let’s say you are in the market for a decorative wall clock, and you click on a listing. You probably liked the product but decided to go to the seller’s store to see what else they have. You may then go through five more listings. This would count as one visit, but the store would have six views.

Views are the best way for you to assess how effective a product is, not to mention that it also helps you to identify how top-performing an individual item is.

Etsy visits vs views

Understanding Etsy’s Visits vs Views

One important thing to note is that both visits and views are very much connected. Higher visits often lead to more views. If you have more people visiting your store, you have more people viewing your listings, and so forth. If you suspect you have a very low number of visits, this can indicate a low level of shop awareness. Low views suggest that you have not optimized your store as well as you could or that your product positioning is poor. Poor photo quality is another major issue. Etsy shoppers are faced with so many thumbnails when they are searching online, and if your photo is not attractive or is not clickable enough, then it’s unlikely that people will want to view your listing.

Increasing Etsy Views

If you want more sales, you need more visits. If you require more visits, you need more views. For this reason, it makes sense to focus on views if your store needs a bit of a boost. There are a lot of ways that you can find on an Etsy search. First, you must ensure that the products you sell appear in searches. This will drive more people to your store and get you way more publicity. Take the time to learn what Etsy looks for in a tag title so you can rise above your competition. Ensure your category, description, listing, and tags are accurate. You may be penalized for uploading false or deceptive content as an Etsy seller. Delving deep into SEO is the best way to solve your low views.

The next thing you need to do is dress up your storefront. Etsy has over 5 million sellers on the platform, so it can be hard to stand out. Having a visually appealing store will keep people coming back repeatedly. Photos are the lifeline of your store. If you’re selling something that can be worn, model it. Don’t overlook your store’s About Us page, either. This is a great way for you to integrate keywords.

Next, social media. If you can develop a solid social media strategy and stick to it, this can be an effective marketing tool. Tell your story, use stunning photos, and let people see how your products are made. Feature some of your raw materials and show your orders as original and unique.

Leveraging Insights for Etsy Success

You can see which listings have been viewed and favored on the listing tab. You can also see how your revenue compares. The data in your listings tab can help you see which products bring you the most sales and visits. Consider promoting listings such as this within your social media campaign. You may also want to retire or revamp some items if they have very low views. This means you can focus more on your top-performing items.

Look at your visits compared to your other metrics, such as your revenue and views. This can help you to understand how shoppers navigate your store. Use the Explore Your Data graph within the traffic tabs to compare your metrics easily. If you are concerned about your shop trend within your stats, then make sure that you look at the stats from the previous year and look for seasonal fluctuations.

You must balance visits with views to get a healthy balance overall. You can also obtain more shop exposure and individualized product engagement.

Final Thoughts on Etsy’s Visits vs Views

By taking the time to understand the correlation between visits vs views, you can manage your Etsy store much more efficiently. As a seller, you must understand that how you interpret your visits and views will significantly impact your store’s success.

Driving traffic to your store through alternative avenues is helpful if you want to benefit yourself. This could be through social media or even a blog.

When you’re getting more views, you can then take the time to convert those views into visits and then from visits into sales. Hiring an SEO company is a viable solution to bolster your Etsy store efforts. They will optimize your store so you can feel confident knowing you are targeting the right keywords and phrases.

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