As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you know the potential of expanding your reach through wholesale marketplaces like Faire. Yet, the thought of manually managing inventory, product uploads, and order fulfillment between your Wix store and the Faire platform might have overwhelmed you. How can you efficiently grow your business without being bogged down by tedious tasks?

You’ve probably spent countless hours juggling between platforms, ensuring your products are up-to-date on Wix and Faire while managing your store’s inventory separately. The frustration of manual input errors, the fear of overselling due to outdated information, and the sheer time sink of it all—it’s enough to make any entrepreneur reconsider expanding into wholesale markets.

Digital Product Labs has launched its latest offering, Wix Faire Integration & Sync App, designed to streamline your e-commerce expansion effortlessly.
The app is set to change how e-commerce entrepreneurs manage their Wix stores, bridging the gap between the Wix platform and the renowned Faire wholesale marketplace.

Empowering E-commerce Entrepreneurs

“We are thrilled to introduce the Wix Faire App to the e-commerce community,” said Haico Duisters, Co-Founder of Digital Product Labs.
“Our goal is to support online retailers with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive market. With this app, sellers can focus on growing their business, confident that their store and Faire marketplace are seamlessly connected.”

Wix Faire Integration Features that Revolutionize Your E-commerce Workflow:

Effortless Product Exchange
Export products from your Wix store to the Faire Marketplace with a few clicks. Need to import Faire products to your store? It’s just as simple. Say goodbye to the days of manual uploads and hello to streamlined efficiency.

Real-time Inventory Sync
Never worry about inaccurate inventory counts again. The app ensures that your store and Faire marketplace are always in sync in real-time. No more overselling, no more stockouts—just seamless inventory management.

Automatic Order Fulfillment
Imagine orders being fulfilled automatically without you lifting a finger. With the Wix Faire App, this becomes a reality. Bid farewell to the hours spent inputting orders manually and focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

SKU-Based Synchronization
Link products between platforms effortlessly using SKU-based synchronization. This ensures that product availability is always up-to-date, saving time and reducing errors.

Experience Effortless E-commerce Expansion

The Wix Faire Integration & Sync App is your key to effortless e-commerce growth. Import Faire products to your store, update inventory seamlessly, and fulfill orders automatically—all with a few simple clicks.

No more manual adjustments, no more headaches. Let the app handle the nitty-gritty tasks while you focus on developing strategies for business expansion and success.

Get Started Today with Wix Faire Integration of & Sync

Ready to experience the ease of automatic price, title, and image syncing? Say hello to a smoother e-commerce journey with the Wix Faire App. Don’t let manual tasks hold you back from reaching your full potential—empower your business with seamless integration.

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