Selling on eBay is a fantastic way for you to launch your very own eCommerce business. You can sell a couple of items to start with, but at the same time, you have the potential to branch out into other marketplaces at a later date. However, when you start selling on eBay, one thing you need to take note of the eBay selling limit

. These limits are not designed to hinder the growth of your business, but they are designed to protect buyers. eBay wants you to grow your company, and they want you to provide a good service to your buyers.

Over time, your limits will increase automatically, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t frustrating. As you reach the limits, you may feel you cannot list new products and can’t meet buyer demand. That being said, expanding eBay’s selling limits comes with exciting opportunities.

Understanding Selling Limits

eBay’s selling limit can be split into three different categories. You have:

Account-Based Limits

Account-based limits depend on your account and your overall selling level.

Category-Based Selling Limits

These selling limits are in which certain product types are restricted.

Item-Based Selling Limits

This is when only particular items are banned.

Delving Deeper into eBay Selling Limits

Look below for a more in-depth overview of selling limits and how they could impact you.

Account-Based Selling Limits

The account-based eBay selling restriction depends on whether or not your account is verified. You can surpass the eBay limit by verifying your identity through an account check and updating your personal information. Some product types work independently from the limit set within your account. They include:

  • Business, office, and industrial categories
  • Property
  • Cars, motorcycles and vehicles

You can only be exempt if you sell for less than $500. When you list your item, the listing will inform you of any restrictions that could apply to your account, so note this.

Category-Based Limits

You will probably run into a range of limitations when you venture into a new category of products. Even if you have been widely successful on the platform in the past, you will probably still run into issues. If you can take this time to adjust to the needs of a new market and use it to learn the ropes, you’ll benefit overall.

You may run into category-based limitations if:

  • You’re within the 90-day transaction window of making your first sale
  • This is your first time making a sale in the category
  • You were inactive for over a year
  • 3% or more of your sales resulted in poor customer experience

Unfortunately, you have to deal with the selling limit if you enter a new market. However, you can improve your chances of upgrading your limit if you close any active cases before you expand.

Product-Based Selling Limits

Unfortunately, product IP theft and replicates are a very harsh reality of running an online business. Several sellers attempt to steal product IPs, and they scam buyers. To stop this issue, eBay has taken steps to prevent the sale of knockoffs and fake and illegal copies. This limitation is more for those selling designer or luxury goods, such as shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

The VeRO program was brought in to help every user, including buyers and sellers, succeed on the site. eBay’s success as a trustworthy marketplace for commodities is linked to the limit. eBay takes this very seriously and will not hesitate to punish sellers if caught breaking the rules.

different selling limits on ebay

Strategies for Boosting eBay Selling Limits

Do you want to increase your selling limit as much as possible? If so, then you first need to focus on seller performance. Positive buyer feedback is everything, as is fast shipping, excellent customer service, and maintaining high metrics.

If you don’t know how to do this, the best thing you can do is complete transactions, sell your products honestly, and not deceive buyers. If someone has an issue, make it easy for them to return the item. If you can do this, you can show eBay that you’re a good seller, and they will increase your limit.

eBay Seller Level

Optimize your Listings

Optimizing your listing is one of the best ways to maximize it. Take a look below to learn more.

Accurate Descriptions and Photos

Accurate descriptions and quality photos are very important. You need to ensure you are utilizing promotional offers and free listings. Given your limitations, this is the best way to ensure you are not paying more than you should.

ebay returns

Diversify Inventory

Another thing you can do is diversify your inventory. Explore new categories and expand your product range accordingly. It is important to explore new categories, even though they come with limitations. If you don’t do so now, you will not be able to lift the limitations, which is the last thing you want when trying to build your eBay empire.

Participate in Forums

It’s important to participate in forums and attend webinars. Connect with other sellers to take advantage of their knowledge. If you can do this, you are bound to experience success, as you will be able to adapt your listings accordingly.

eBay monthly selling limits

Case Studies and Success Stories

Selling limitations can be frustrating, to say the least. That said, there are things you can do to try to move past them. If you stick at it and push through, you will soon find that the limitations get removed over time and that you can take advantage of a higher level of selling power.

Tech Repair Lab is based in the UK and primarily deals in mobile phone parts and accessories. Irfan Patel founded the company in 2010, and the global success of the iPhone inspired them. Irfan had an extensive background in IT and began to seize control of the market.

They offer a range of product replacement parts from a huge list of names. This includes Samsung, Sony, and even Apple. They started by focusing on one category, and they built a niche market. They advanced into other markets and expanded when they had a good foothold. Even though they only had a small range of offerings, to begin with, they offered popular products, which helped them to scale and grow quickly.

Pure Watches is a top-rated seller, and they put a prime focus on Rolex watches on eBay. Andrew, with help from his father, wanted to share their knowledge and experience with others. They wanted to offer quality watches to those who would go on to cherish them for years to come. As they targeted the luxury market, their sales were limited at first, and they could not offer too many products due to the selling price. With that in mind, they focused on delivering a good service, and from there, they got the results they wanted and built a successful eBay empire.

Now, they are a top provider on the site and have expanded into a range of niches without limitations on how much they can sell in a particular time frame. They’ve shown that success is possible, even in a niche market, which inspires sellers across the globe.

Final Tips

So, if you want to open your own eBay empire, this is very easy. With that being said, you need to make sure that you take note of the eBay limitations in place. You may find that you can’t break through the market if you don’t.

Focus on selling highly successful products first and experiment with small niches. From there, you can build your selling authority and store even more. Remember that eBay will consider your seller feedback when looking at whether or not they should increase your level.

As a result, you need to ensure that you are not ignoring what your customers say about your product or service. Be open to feedback, rectify negative experiences, and always have an open line of communication. If you can do this, you are bound to profit on the site.

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