If you want to become a top seller on Etsy, you must avoid the common Etsy mistakes. Although selling on Etsy is now easier than ever, if you wish your shop to become a huge hit, you need to make sure that you streamline your operation and adopt a good sales strategy. Only then can you begin to pave the way for success.

Mistake One: Poor Product Photography

High-quality product photography is one of the best ways to capture your buyer’s attention. Remember, when selling on Etsy, your buyers cannot see or touch your wares. This means that 100% of your selling has to be done through your images. You can take your product photos yourself if you want, and many sellers have a lot of success with this. With that in mind, it pays to hire someone. If you hire a professional photographer or at least invest in a solid digital camera, you can give your buyers a better idea of what they’re buying.

Some of the top photography mistakes people make include having poor lighting and distracting backgrounds. Ideally, you should photograph your product in a well-lit room with a background that is either white or neutral. Photographing different products at strange angles is also a mistake. If you sell patches, ensure you take each image from an overhead perspective and are consistent. Photographing products from various angles is a good idea as long as each angle shows a different side of the product. Make sure you use the same angles across all of your products where possible, especially if they all belong to the same category.

Mistake Two: Vague Product Descriptions

product description

You may know your product well, but that doesn’t mean other people will. You need to create engaging product descriptions that attract buyers while providing clear information about what it is you’re selling. Some of the common Etsy mistakes people make here include having vague descriptions or descriptions that are far too technical in language.

Example Template: Jewelry

  • Material Quality – list all of the benefits of the materials you have chosen
  • Product Size- provide a detailed overview of the shape or size
  • Style- Add a section about who may enjoy this item
  • Gift- List the occasions in which this would make the perfect gift
  • Guarantee- Finish by reassuring the buyer that this is the right choice for them

Example Template: Clothing

  • Details about the materials you have used
  • Sizing, dimensions, and instructions as to how to measure yourself
  • A design section that explains the style
  • Unique features that make your clothing worth the money

Some other tips include using effective keywords while ensuring your language is clear and concise. You also need to emphasize product benefits.

Mistake Three: Uncompetitive Pricing

There is a delicate balance when pricing your products on Etsy. You need to be competitive, but at the same time, you also need to highlight profitability. Some people price their products as low as possible, but this is a huge mistake. If you do, then you’ll simply be racing to the bottom with other sellers, and the truth is that there will always be someone willing to go lower than you.

When selling on Etsy, you must also ensure you’re not overpricing. If you overprice your products, you may find that people don’t even click on your listing. One way for you to avoid overpricing your products would be for you to conduct some market research. By analyzing your competition and considering the latest market trends, you can guarantee that your product value is always on point.

Mistake Four: Insufficient Branding

Common etsy mistakes of branding

Sure, selling on Etsy is easier than starting your store and building a brand from the ground up. With that in mind, you still need to consider your image. You must establish a strong brand identity to make your presence cohesive and memorable. People should be able to see a theme when they go from one product to the next, which involves being consistent with your images and product descriptions.

Brand personality is huge on Etsy, so also take the time to make sure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Develop consistent color themes across your products, and incorporate eye-catching visuals where possible.

Mistake Five: Neglecting Customer Service

Customer service is crucial if you want to build loyalty. This will help you become a successful seller on Etsy and foster a positive perception of your brand. Some of the top customer service mistakes include having a slow response time or providing responses that aren’t deemed helpful. You’ll want to be as valuable as possible when resolving customer issues, even if what happened wasn’t your fault. This could include items being delayed by postal strikes, etc.

If you want great customer service, promptly respond to inquiries and address customer concerns empathetically. Going above and beyond to resolve any issues will also help you stand out while leaving a positive impression on those who buy from you

Mistake Six: Inadequate Shipping and Packaging

Etsy Shipping

Providing secure, professional, and timely shipping is so important. You also need to ensure enough packaging for each product to arrive undamaged. Make sure that you aren’t using unreliable carriers and that you are also using sturdy packaging materials. Communicate your shipping times, too, because you may struggle to meet buyer expectations if you don’t. Many Etsy sellers make the mistake of using cheap couriers because it helps them boost their profit margin. However, this is a huge mistake because your customers will be paying the price when they don’t receive their item or receive it damaged. To work around this, use a reliable courier. Even though you’ll be paying more, you’ll probably profit more.

Mistake Seven: Lack of Shop Optimisation

Optimizing your Etsy shop is so important. This is an excellent way for you to improve its visibility, and it also helps you attract potential buyers. Some top optimization mistakes include not doing keyword research, not using Etsy’s tools, and ignoring the analytics section. If you want to benefit yourself here, ensure that you conduct extensive keyword research and use the Promoted LIstings section on Etsy. Using the Etsy Offsite Ads section is also important, as is using your analytics to find out if there are any areas for improvement.

Mistake Eight (Bonus): Inconsistency with Shop Updates

Maintaining your shop is so important. This will keep your customers engaged and allow you to showcase any new products you want to launch. You can also demonstrate active engagement by updating your shop, which is great. Many who run Etsy stores also don’t put up new product listings as often as they should and don’t have a regular posting schedule. Any new products must be promoted effectively, and you must also engage with your social media platforms as much as possible. If you don’t have a social media page, then now is the time for you to do something about that. If you don’t, you may have poor visibility and lack of customer engagement.


So, you should avoid these common Etsy mistakes to become a successful seller. Achieving long-term success on the platform takes a bit of work. Still, continually evaluating your shop practices and identifying improvement areas will help you optimize your presence while making you a better seller overall. Ultimately, dedication is key when building your store. You must also be agile and adaptable to navigate the ever-changing Etsy landscape while keeping current with the latest seasonal trends. If you are committed, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to make your shop dreams come true while building your thriving business.

Remember that Etsy has its seller handbook if you want helpful resources to get your shop off the ground. You can also take advantage of market insights, as this is a great way to reach a heads-up as to what trends could be taking shape so you can prepare and take full advantage of them going forward.

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